Through the Woods            

So my introductory journey has progressed to the point where we’re caught up with where I am now. Working in one of the largest parks in the country, and enjoyay-14918006-digitalying every minute of it. I have been fortunate enough to have had a pretty smooth go of things. I of course have fallen victim to strange bug bites, and my share of poison ivy, but outside of that, things have been pretty awesome from start to finish. If I were to share a bit of advice, it would be to follow your passions, and whether that’s outdoors, or following in your dads footsteps in commercial waterproofing, or becoming a mine, I don’t know, I don’t know your dreams. But whatever they may be, it’s great to at least try and reach for them. We may not always succeed, but even in failure we learn.

I don’t know if I would be well suited for any other job, or if I would be able to be as successful in any other field. The work I do is extremely suited to me. Except when it comes to being stared down by mother nature, I think I kind of failed in my responsibilities there to be a strong and commanding presence as I shivered in front of Bambi’s dad. I haven’t had many other really scary encounters like that since, and I’m glad. I’ve had wolves and bears cross my path, but never as close as that deer. Most animals hear the truck and scatter away.

I still maintain close contact with my family, even though I’m out in the wilderness for the most part. My dad has no qualms with me choosing the career path I did, and has even recently stopped trying to get me into the commercial waterproofing business, so baby steps I suppose. This week will have me out and about in the woods as I take over a camp watch, which essentially means I need to be out each night ensuring that people are following the rules concerning campfires and the like so that we don’t have any forest fires due to people forgetting about their camp.

It’s a pretty easy gig for the week, for the most part I sit in the truck and listen to talk radio and learn about the world outside the woods. Taking trips into the city can be a bit of a culture shock as I see the giant leaps that everything is taking, especially things like cell phones, and their capabilities nowadays. I write this with a laptop on my lap which would probably choke if I tried to put any recent programs on it, but I like this life. I still have some trappings of today, but for the most part, it’s me and the wilderness, I can live with that. It’s an enjoyable way to pass the time, and I get to watch the world go by at my own pace. Until my next installment, make sure your fires are out.

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